E-pals 2008-2009

An ongoing technology project between  5th and 6th grade students in Mrs. Ramsay's class at Fultondale Elementary School in Alabama and Mrs. Cooper's 5th and 6th grade project IDEAL classes at Oakwood Elementary School in Arizona.


        Photos of FES in Action                 Photos of OES in Action           

First correspondence
Second correspondence
Island of the Blue Dolphins collaborative work
Next Correspondence
Bud, Not Buddy and the Great Depression collaborative work
Digital Friendship Quilt blocks
Fractured Fairy Tale Book Jackets 
Digital Story Telling
Wiki Writing Roulette
Art Projects
A Wrinkle in Time and Space How-To Book
Fabric Puppet book reports
Student-created WEBQUESTS
Art and Technology
Video Message/Vodcast
Final cumulative project/activity
  • FES - publish hard back books about their E-pals using Lintor Publishing products and services.
  • Present final product as a gift to the OES E-pals.


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